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Born in Los Angeles, California, my B.A. Degree is from the University of Washington, having studied graphic design, painting and photography. My art focuses on the human form with flat, bold, blocks of color, and interlocking shapes. The exuberance of daring color opposes the tranquility of the position of the figures. My abrstract work explores juxtaposed colors. My work hangs in collections in the USA, Mexico, England, France, and at the American Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal. There is a permanent exhibit of 4 of her works of art at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica, CA.

She has been Published in the Italian Art Magazines, BIANCOSCURO and EFFETTO ARTE.

"...The elegant definition of proximity between line and colour fields is a lovely gestural play of tonalities. I like the implicit Gauguinesque-ness of form versus light and the public intimacy that results."
Renee Sigal, Swiss Art Critic

"...All these details breathe life into an anonymous face: a common face in which anyone can identify..."
Renata Panizzieri, Italian Art Critic

"The Figure defines the work; subdued colours makes it vibrant. The landscape is a space where dramatic concepts have full scope; the large canvas enlarges the perspective; you experience you are present and part of (the) moment."
Ranjan Munshi, Art Collector - India

"You have developed an interesting technique of application, spontaneous, brilliant definition and merging of colors. The figure defined as a landscape is vibrant and well composed with linear and field affects of color creating interesting segments of light and color. "
Peter Filzmaier, International Artist - USA

"The figurative landscape is a strong composition with excellent balance, and the opposing colors add a gentle push pull to the art work. It is wonderful to see you creating with the rollers and I like the stippling, blending that you have used on some areas. I look forward to seeing more of your art work."
Laara WilliamSen, International Artist - Canada

"This artist has an extraordinary talent. The use of rollers, a limited muted palette with little detail has interestingly been immensely effective and successful, capturing emotion, movement and vibrancy. The powerful figure outstretched, fully relaxed, at one with the landscape. Man empowered, engaged with the landscape. Brilliant."
Pauline Thomas, International Artist - England

exhibition schedule

November 2 - 27, 2010
Building a Story

January 5 - January 30, 2010
Best of TAG 2010 - TAG Gallery

October 7 - October 31, 2009
Finding Form - TAG Gallery

January 7 - January 31, 2009
Works for Everyone - TAG Gallery

October 18 & 19, 2008
Affaire In The Garden - Beverly Hills - Mixed Media

October 1 - 25, 2008
Small Works - TAG Gallery - 12 x 12 Acrylic Paintings

September 19 - October 30, 2008
Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Sales and Rental Gallery - Acrylic Paintings and Oil Drawings

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